I believe that beauty resides in each and everyone of us, it's just sometimes we need a little help to have it show and shine.

I started exploring makeup at a very young age. I believe I was about three years old when I found my older sister’s fashion magazines, so I gave a crayon make over to every model in those magazines. I remember that I would do makeup on all my dolls and toys, then it transferred over on friends and family. I found myself drawn in, and hooked whenever I saw runway shows and especially the make up application part. Later on my mom gave me a makeup and cosmetology course as a gift for my birthday and that’s how my career as a makeup artist began.

Makeup is an absolute form of art for me. I don’t believe in rules in makeup, do what ever works, wear whatever you feel and don’t be afraid to be judged. In the end of the day it’s all about you and whatever makes you feel good and happy.