My name is Tatiana, I'm a Portrait photographer. I specialize in glamour portraiture with dreamy, elegant and sensual twist. I'm thrilled when I have an opportunity to create portraits that look more art then photo.
Photo retouchingadvanced
Photoshoot planningadvanced

I believe that every woman is a dream, mystery and a muse. And I’m most passionate about capturing that essence.
Having experience being in front of the camera, I know how vulnerable and uncertain one can feel when told to pose.
During our sessions I’ll carefully guide you through every little step, while cheering you on.
I’ve been practicing photography for over a decade. Initially it was a pleasant addition to my professional life being psychotherapist,
and now it took more central place in my life, right behind being wife and a mother.
You can book your session today, have an ultimate glam day, feel gorgeous and pampered, and have portraits to cherish forever!