Digital Fog in 3 steps

While I strongly prefer real deal (read here on creating fog in studio, including working with dry ice)… sometimes there is a need for digital one, done in Photoshop.  Easy 3 steps, no kidding. You’ll need an image of a cloudy sky. IPhone snap will do just fine. 1. Drag and drop cloud image. Change […]

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Top 10 portraits…

I’m about to meet Sue Bryce this weekend… the idea is still did not settle in, so I’ll talk about it later… To give a hint of what it means – my study and practice of beauty/glamour photography started after seeing Sue Bryce on Creative Live. She is that inspiring. Sue is an amazing professional […]

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Want to peek into the studio? Welcome!

After the short walk on the lawn door opens and voila – you’re in. View on your left – this area will be handy after you’ll be done with make-up and styling.   Oh, make-up area. Not a bad view, huh? I had my make-up done there once, still remember relaxation to the point of “Aaaah”. […]

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