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Making the Rabbit Hole

Venturing into surreal… ┬áStarted simple, and suddenly was succumbed into it. Felt as if the image had life of its own, and just needed my time. I slept normally only after it was done. ­čÖé What is it about… the story I make – escape, being not content with what is. Being proactive trying to […]

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Halloween 2013

Favorite holiday. Better than BD. Once a year we host a party that feels like a gift exchange. People donate talents. Some friends prepare fun things to engage people in games and discussions, some organize food, Alex and I photograph. ┬áThe trail of photographs grows. We started tradition in 2006. I hope it continues indefinitely…

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OMG! Bonnie O’Brien Al-Rifai, who is amazing photographer, ┬áfeatured my work as part of the ” 31 Days of Photographers that Inspire “. I was following this project enhancing my library of artists that I find inspirational… and what a surprising gift! Thank you Bonnie!  

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… flight into unknown, with rosy optimistic blindness, not minding ┬áblood and pain, and permanent changes to the body and soul. ┬áLeaving behind part of self, experiencing transformation. Bliss and loss, flying and being stuck…

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Love using elements in my photography, and so happy when it’s requested. Had amazing shoot with Lana, we both had an idea, so there would be 2 posts for this shoot. Truth to be told, it’s difficult to model in a bathtub. Legs might be on the wall, there would be something under the neck […]

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Thoughts on Before and After Transformation

From time to time I stumble on some heated debate around subject on women with and without makeup. For example , right now one going on at I decided to touch on the subject here. In a photo world there is a common practice to show “before” and “after” images. At the first glance, […]

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Experience at the studio by Bella Perfectionista.

Ever wondered what is it like to do a beauty photosession? Check out Bella Perfectionista’s blog, she is writing about her experience with me. (and by the way, if you’re into beauty and fashion, this blog is for you!) This is incredible to read how she felt during the session. I’m so grateful! Thank you […]

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