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Want to peek into the studio? Welcome!

After the short walk on the lawn door opens and voila – you’re in. View on your left – this area will be handy after you’ll be done with make-up and styling.   Oh, make-up area. Not a bad view, huh? I had my make-up done there once, still remember relaxation to the point of “Aaaah”. […]

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Midnight Cinderella

“…she looked at a clock and saw that it was on the stroke of twelve. She fled from the room, dropping, in her haste, one of the glass slippers. The Prince hurried after her, but when he reached the entrance hall, the beautiful Princess had vanished, and there was no one to be seen but […]

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chasing Von Wong ;)

Have you seen Von Wong’s shoot for No? NO? Go check it out. Warning though – you might start dreaming of it. Like I did. I got obsessed with it. I wanted to try similar light set-up. No, we don’t have $20K equipment, and did not built rain rig… yet. (on a side note […]

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Shooting with Fog

Goal of this article is simple – to share my journey. All opinions shared here are just that – my opinions. In the images used as examples no added fog textures were used (unless noted). Basically if you see fog, that is how it was. (minus color work, duh ;). For one-on-one mentoring on how […]

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Parallel Universe

I wanted to do this image for sometime. To be more precise I wanted to do work around an idea. It happened to take this form. Curious what story you’ll see in it. I’d love to hear! This is mine: Everyone is a universe. Getting to know people is to peek into someone’s world, the […]

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Gryphon exhibit is still on.

Hi guys! I’m getting questions about exhibit in Wayne lately. So here – it’s still on, and works presented are available for viewing or purchasing until October 4th. Gryphon Cafe in Wayne, PA. xoxo  

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Shooting using elements: water

The sole purpose of this article – sharing my experience. We are talking about a camera above water shoot with the model/client in the water. My ambition is not to tell how it must be done… This is merely a tale of my journey. I have 2 favorite scenarios – photographing a model/client (for convenience […]

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March 2014 was my first exhibition. Snow in PA, palms and 60F in Houston. Meeting with tiara-wearing Caroline Rutland and Josh Malik in airport. Going to Bonnie and Gabriel Al-Rifai’s house to spend with them 4 days. Feeling like flying all those 4 unforgettable days. Filming Creator’s Block and meeting my other creative buddies at […]

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Gryphon Exhibition – Opening Reception

Thank you so much my friends for coming and supporting! It was great evening, now looking back I don’t even sure why I was anxious anticipating it. 😉 And thank you guys for taking photos! Jenna Martin and Julie Belton – it was a bliss seeing you guys (driving all the way from NY!!!)  Dashing […]

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