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Products rant ;)

Packing large package order. It is my best seller and best value: 24×36 canvas, 20 matted 8×12 portraits in 1 or 2 (your choice) folio boxes with your favorite portrait on the canvas cover. Canvas and matted portraits are of museum archival quality. Heirloom material. All supported by digital files. And in addition, you get all […]

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Tulle Skirt making Tutorial

I was asked one too many times yesterday: how do I make my skirts. I’m all for transparency and knowledge exchange, and was explaining it on the spot the best I can. But sometimes it’s easier to show. So finally, here it is.   You’ll need lots of tulle. Out local store has it in […]

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Without love we perish…

“Senza amore periamo” I glanced at her tattoo and asked about meaning. “Without love we perish” translated she. The words stuck with me. Indeed, once we tasted love, we do perish when it leaves… dissipating into thousand butterflies while holding on to the hope of its return…

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Terrible Twos.

I see that I’ve missed one from last year. Ha. Adding for safekeeping 😉   We”ve got a model withing a family! I think she had more fun that the rest of us 😉 Name: Terrible twos (you know… that time when you’ve exhausted all resources, feel utterly helpless, and angry, and trying hard to […]

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52 weeks of Fine Art work. Week 1.

New Year resolutions… wonder what was yours this year. Mine was to do a 52 weeks challenge. One Fine Art work per week. I won’t limit myself to using my mug every time, however it’s convenient. (want to participate? let me know  wink-wink) Well, it’s not a resolution in a pure sense, more like a goal. […]

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One session…

Each photoshoot, although carefully planned, has life of its own… with distinct character, mood, melody. Every time I check the work for the first time, I have feeling of wonder and awe. United energy of three people produce something that never existed before, that will have life adorning walls of one’s house, lifting the mood, […]

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Few of my favorites from 2013…

Revisiting portraits of 2013… River shoots, fog shoots, bathtub shoots, fun in the studio shoots  – loved all of them. Flying fabric, sparkling eyes, wind-blown hair. Electricity in the air filled with magic… Come to see what it’s like! You can book your session here…  

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