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Exhibit at Sand Castle Winery – September and October of 2015

We laughed so hard I almost cried… at the wine tasting. I wish I could give you a taste of our sommelier’s (and winery’s owner, as I later learnt) Joseph Maxian’s sparkling humor, yet this is something you need to experience first hand. Add to it fantastic wines and atmosphere of Fine Arts museum with […]

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And the winner of the Giveaway is …

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway to celebrate my success with WPPI Awards. If not for your support, none of it could be possible. I wish I could photograph everyone who entered and who was nominated by friends, and while we have only one winner, I have a surprise for you. Interested? Text “photoshoot” […]

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Psychology in Photography?

Before and after.    We see them every day. Before and after morning shower, before party and morning after, before and after new haircut, before you hear “I love you” for the first time, and right after… and thousand more examples that I can but would not write because I’ll run out of space on the […]

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Celebrating WPPI awards victory with Giveaway

To celebrate recent success with WPPI Awards (check my previous blog post for details) And to thank all of my followers and supporters, since none of this would have been possible without you. Your love, your words of affirmation and constructive critique is what makes me going and getting better. Announcing a GIVEAWAY WHAT’S INCLUDED: […]

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How to retouch skin under layer of fabric, and leave the fabric untouched? Here is how: video tutorial.

Times and times again I see proof that Frequency Separation is the best tool around. (I wrote about Frequency Separation before) What is Frequency Separation? It is an editing technique that decomposes image into tone and texture, so you can work with each separately. You can also decide which information belongs to “tone” and which […]

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Portraits and self-acceptance…

I’m retouching someone else’s work. First time ever happened to me. I would decline in any other situation, but this is something I want to do – it’s help to my ballet school, and they insist they don’t want to re-shoot.    It’s a portrait of a young ballerina. I saw this girl multiple times: […]

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Digital Fog in 3 steps

While I strongly prefer real deal (read here on creating fog in studio, including working with dry ice)… sometimes there is a need for digital one, done in Photoshop.  Easy 3 steps, no kidding. You’ll need an image of a cloudy sky. IPhone snap will do just fine. 1. Drag and drop cloud image. Change […]

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Frequency Separation tutorial… making a doll ;)

I’m about to share with you my favorite editing technique – Frequency Separation (FS). Essentially there are 2 major ways: with Apply Image or High Pass filter. Any High Pass filter setup would work for what I show here.  Use your action or mine.   It can be downloaded here. If you’re not familiar with what […]

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Top 10 portraits…

I’m about to meet Sue Bryce this weekend… the idea is still did not settle in, so I’ll talk about it later… To give a hint of what it means – my study and practice of beauty/glamour photography started after seeing Sue Bryce on Creative Live. She is that inspiring. Sue is an amazing professional […]

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