It’s all about Love

I am about to share with you the biggest secret of my photography. Nope it is not the painterly look know-how, not the styling of the shoot, and neither is dry ice work. It is love. Huh, right? But it is the truth. When I’m photographing a client, or snapping shadow of a tree or […]

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Portrait session. Why?

…My fingers are not bloody this time. It’s great, for I’m about to throw that needle at my sewing machine that stopped working. Talking about bad timing. I’m almost finished altering magnificent dark dress – all mine. I was browsing online stores for a month, at first lazily, and later frantically – for that one […]

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Portraits and self-acceptance…

I’m retouching someone else’s work. First time ever happened to me. I would decline in any other situation, but this is something I want to do – it’s help to my ballet school, and they insist they don’t want to re-shoot.    It’s a portrait of a young ballerina. I saw this girl multiple times: […]

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