It’s all about Love

I am about to share with you the biggest secret of my photography.
Nope it is not the painterly look know-how, not the styling of the shoot, and neither is dry ice work.


It is love. Huh, right? But it is the truth.
When I’m photographing a client, or snapping shadow of a tree or reflection of the sky with iPhone… it is my ability to love my subject that dictates the outcome.


I realized it today. Simple thing, yet it never crossed my mind before. It is the very core of what-s and why-s of everything I create.

How weird could it sound – to love your client…

Right? Wrong! It is in noticing particular shade of her eyes, the way she turns her neck… Or the intricate pattern of the weave of an ivy on a wall. No matter who or what is in front of your lens.


It does not come from outside.

It is in your ability to see past the anxiety, and thick veil of thoughts on what was or what could be, and what comes next. What is now has so much beauty. It is fragile, it will be gone in a matter of a moment.



When you can peek outside of your cocoon, you can not help but love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  😉



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  • Kerry BergmanFebruary 15, 2016 at 3:19 am

    So well said Tatiana. Love your work, your attitude and your obvious LOVE.