What to bring to the photo shoot

My dear ladies,

I have enjoyed writing this post tremendously, navigating the ocean that is called the Internet, dreaming away, placing few orders… and having a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while doing it.

So… grab your poison of choice whether it is wine or coffee or whatever-it-is, and let us dream away…


You have booked your session.

Time will freeze. You, beautiful today-and-not-a-day-older you, will be immortalized in a Fine Arts portrait. But WHAT TO WEAR???

Chill. I have few ideas.


However, first things first. There are few essentials we need to take care of. Work first, then play. 😉


Just guess, what is this beautiful girl wearing during her make-up/hair part?

…The ROBE! Yep, you guessed correctly! She is comfortable, no offensive clothing is leaving a mark on her body, she does not have to pull it over her head to change.

Let us agree to this – bring your favorite robe along. You will be comfortable.


And check your wardrobe for a few other essentials:


A strapless slip. panties. A strapless bra. All in nude color. The closer to your natural skin tone, the better.  By the way – when you see words written in a different color, it means there is a link – click and it’ll take you to the store. Nope, I’m not associated with them, but this is where you can get the clothing mentioned if you’d like.

Please keep in mind that this is just a visual guide of what to look for in the dresses you are bringing to the shoot, I can not guarantee the quality and your satisfaction if you’ll choose to get one of the dresses below.


Enough of the necessary but boring part. Let’s talk DRESSES

General rules of photo-friendly clothing are:

  • Fitted (from top to waist) over loose
  • Solids over patterns
  • The texture is everything!
  • Necklines that are not covering collar bones.
  • And last but not least – you need to be able to move freely in them! Bend, stretch, roll your shoulders forward, rock that hip!

Let’s look at the ELEGANT dresses…


Notice the texture? 😉

And here are links for the above dresses: left, middle, right.




By the way, have you noticed the sleeves? I can not tell you how many times a client would say “I hate my arms!!!” …and bring a sleeveless dress. 😉

And again, links for the above dresses: left, middle, right.




The color is welcome too! I think I’ll order middle and the right one for myself. 😉

Here is a link to the left dress.




Are you a stillness-and-movement girl? Do you like the effect of a windy, almost underwater images? The dresses above are made from chiffon, very light fabric. It picks up the wind easily. Grey is my fave. Oh wait… maybe the red one. Here is the link to the green. So many choices 😉




Fantasy dresses, I swoon every time I look at them. Magical. By the way, do you know that I’ll make one for your shoot when you book Dream Shoot package? 😉

Links: left, middle, right. (disclaimer: I was not able to find the author of the photos above. Links are leading to the place where the dresses have been found.)




More of the fantasy dresses – left, middle, right.




I was able to find link with historical replicas. (left, middle, right). Dresses made with the design of the historical dresses, seen in museums, as an inspiration.  Divine.



For the corset lovers. Please consider bringing along chemises. I can not stress enough how much they improve the look of the corset. Look at the treasures I’ve found. Your corset, my tulle skirts, one of these chemises – match made in heaven. All from the same store:




And for your implied nude shoot. Girls, check out this gizmo. I promise you, when you are in the middle of the shoot working your hands and legs, and tilts, and rocking the gaze… You want everything that could be taken care of… taken care of 😉


Okay. This is it for the styling tips. I hope your inner huntress is awakened and stretches her paws… Happy hunting!



I’ll share one priceless tip with you to help with your hunt.


What if you see an image of your true heart’s desire? You want this dress. No.  More. You WANT THIS DRESS!!! But it is just a picture. No store. No “buy it now” button. What to do?

Follow these 5 EASY steps:

1) Save the image of your dream dress – right click of the mouse on the dress image:



2) Go to Google-Images


3) Click on this icon:


4) upload your saved image:


5) Sift through the results. Most likely you’ll find where you can get the dress of your dreams.




If you did not book your session yet, and wonder how to do it – click on this link. Let the fun begin!

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