Portrait session. Why?

…My fingers are not bloody this time. It’s great, for I’m about to throw that needle at my sewing machine that stopped working. Talking about bad timing. I’m almost finished altering magnificent dark dress – all mine. I was browsing online stores for a month, at first lazily, and later frantically – for that one […]

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Working with textures: B&W and COLOR

   Honestly I tried to make a video tutorial – there went my Saturday.  Camtasia failed me. While I’m in search of a perfect, or at least working, screen capture studio, here is a snapshot tutorial on how to work with textures.    This is one of the recent portraits I shot.  Thank you for […]

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Try on this gown!

What a great news! Board where you can pick a wardrobe piece from the Studio collection is up and running! It means that in addition to your own clothes that you bring to the photoshoot you can add few extra pieces. After we’ll nail your business portrait for LinkedIn…   after we’ll do casual look – […]

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