How to retouch skin under layer of fabric, and leave the fabric untouched? Here is how: video tutorial.

Times and times again I see proof that Frequency Separation is the best tool around. (I wrote about Frequency Separation before)
What is Frequency Separation? It is an editing technique that decomposes image into tone and texture, so you can work with each separately. You can also decide which information belongs to “tone” and which to “texture”. It means that you have a lot of freedom in editing. Wow right?

This time the task is – to retouch skin while leaving tulle texture untouched. Think for a second – if you would use any other tools, it’s virtually impossible.
With Frequency Separation I did it under a minute and a half. Yes, 1 minute 29 seconds. Beat that.

You can see for yourself:

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  • Jim O'BrienJuly 8, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you for sharing Tatiana. You said that,with frequency Separation, we can decide what we want to be on that tone layer and the texture layer. I believe that’s how you separated the Tullie. Please explain how to control what goes onto each layer, Thank you again.

    • TatianaAugust 13, 2015 at 5:50 pm

      HI Jim,

      Great question. You can decide how much of information goes to tone or texture by setting the radius in High Pass layer or Gaussian Blur layer. I usually go to High Pass (double click to open dialog window, then play with the slider – notice that image of how much texture you are seeing is changing). The smaller the radius, the less texture information this layer contains: the more information goes to tone – Gaussian Blur layer. Keep in mind that radius in both High Pass and Gaussian Blur layers needs to be the same.