March 2014 was my first exhibition.

Snow in PA, palms and 60F in Houston. Meeting with tiara-wearing Caroline Rutland and Josh Malik in airport. Going to Bonnie and Gabriel Al-Rifai’s house to spend with them 4 days. Feeling like flying all those 4 unforgettable days. Filming Creator’s Block and meeting my other creative buddies at opening reception on Saturday.

First step into the house. Julie Belton already there, just for couple of hours, already in charge of organizational staff for exhibition, she knows what’s where, she is in charge. period. 🙂 Gabe, unreal mix of head-in-the cloud and down-to-earth do-er. He dreams big and makes his dreams a reality. And Bonnie,  woman with doe eyes and soul of a summer stream.  She cries when she’s happy.  For real.  Their son Jones got all the best from parents, charming everyone around him.

Jenna Martin. Tired. Quiet. Creative genius.  In couple hours you know – she’s not quiet at all. Smart, observant, she’s the one you can rely on. Salt of the earth person.

Sarah Clements with hubby Dennis arrive. I can’t stop staring at her. Strikingly beautiful with eyes of the sphinx…


Now I’m all deep into memories with desire to write more about other friends I’ve met there, but then it would be very long post. 😉

I am member of wonderful group – Fine Art group on FB, founded by Rocio Mirelis.  BeU was our group’s first exhibition.  Gabe and Bonnie made it real diving deep into exhibition organizing business, helping gallery owner.

All of us specialize in conceptual or fine art portrait photography. It’s international group, artists participated in BeU Exhibition were from all around the world.

I’m sure we’ll have many more exhibits to come…


In this gallery I had 3 pieces: Snow Angel, Where the Dreams Go, and Fading Away


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