Parallel Universe

I wanted to do this image for sometime. To be more precise I wanted to do work around an idea. It happened to take this form.

Curious what story you’ll see in it. I’d love to hear!

This is mine: Everyone is a universe. Getting to know people is to peek into someone’s world, the parts that were allowed to be seen, or happened to be visible. And everyone is a story, a fairy tale, where we’re a hero, and we’re a villain. Queen Grimhilde and Snow White live within the same person, and there is an eternal battle of bitterness versus innocence.

Here is my Grimhilde:

And the Snow White from this work:


Parallel Universe” is huge. I had to remake it because PS could barely handle it and crushed on me first time in the inopportune moment. It’s 100″ at widest point at 240 dpi.


If curious how it was made, my base consisted of  2 images:

this one was composited from 9 images, and then flipped horizontally.


and this one was shot indoors. tatiana-lumiere-parallel-universe-base-2


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