Why gallery wrapped canvas?

My favorite part of putting order together is inspecting gallery wrapped canvases. There is something… timeless about them. It’s a heirloom material.

Occasionally I have small gallery in my studio.

So why canvas? It was medium of choice for oil painting since XV century. It’s dimensional, and one can choose to extend image to the sides of the canvas, and that is exactly how I choose to see my canvases. I prepare them in such a way so the image is not cropped, and preserved it it’s original beauty.

Canvases are lightweight. In one of his scary stories Edgar Poe mentions death by falling framed picture. Well, gallery wrapped canvases can be safely hanged over child’s crib, they are that lightweight.

And with the right image, canvas can lift one’s mood, and change how we see ourselves.

Aren’t they magical?


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